Color Guard


Color Guard is probably the most team based team we have in JROTC. Cadets learn to carry and present the U.S and California flags at a multitude of events that request us to put on a show. Along with the two flags are two riflemen who act as guards to the flags, and the rifles have their own routine during presentation of the flags that give the Color Guard some style. Outside of events and more on campus, cadets will learn and practice their flag and/or rifle routine with peers whilst having a fun time and meeting new friends that can last a lifetime.

“Color Guard has taught me to honor myself, my team, and most of all my country. Whenever I present the flags, I know that I’m pouring out the honor in my heart.

In the simplest way, Color Guard is the perfect image of our unit. A group of people working as one, as a well oiled machine, working to be the best and give it our all. In every performance we do, we give it our all.

When I first saw a color guard, I thought of how awesome it looks. Now that I do color guards, it’s pretty awesome.”

Cadet Rossalyn Nunez (2022)


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